Scraping tips

Scraping websites can sometimes get tricky, but that’s when things gets interesting. When you’re aiming to scrape data from a website that doesn’t want to be scraped, it becomes like a game of cat and mouse.

Combining React Router and Shopify App Bridge Navigation

In this article we will show you a quick way to navigate correctly inside your react embedded app using shopify app-bridge and polaris libraries.

Build and deploy huge static websites with Caddy

I will show you how to setup the hosting and deployment of a static website with thousands of pages dynamically built. It uses the Caddy web server and a Digital Ocean’s droplet - but it would work with any Ubuntu server.

Incremental crawler with Scrapy and MongoDB

Tutorial for crawling a website incrementally. Each new scraping session will only scrape new items.

Échelle des revenus en France

Je me suis intéressé à tracer le graphique de l'échelle des revenus en France. L'idée est de pouvoir dire "si vous vivez avec tant d'argent, vous êtes mieux loti que X% des français".

Leave Gmail in 10 steps

In exchange for free mails, would you let your postman open your letters, read them, and insert ads related to their contents?

Designing state machines

This is a post I wrote while I was working at Drivy, as we were tweaking the models state machines. You can find it here :

Taskqueues tips

I wrote a post listing a few tips to write a taskqueue while I was working at Drivy. You can find it here :

Capsitrano Environment variables

This is the story of an epic fight. Me (regular guy) vs the server (Rails 3, deployed via Capistrano to a Passenger – Nginx hosted Ubuntu server, using Mandrill transactional mail service). not a fair fight.